2015 General Assembly Session: Adjourned!

Friends – I can hardly believe that my first session in the General Assembly has come to an end!  I never knew that 90 days could go so by so quickly!  I have learned so much – both substantive information about policies, and procedurally, so much about how the legislative process works (or sometimes doesn’t work as the case may be!).

I am very pleased that I passed my first bill – HB 345 – that originated from a concern brought to me by a resident of District 46.  This bill, if the Governor signs it, will strengthen Maryland’s flexible leave act (our state’s version of FMLA) to ensure that a worker’s right to flexible leave is not waivable, and that a worker cannot be terminated or retailiated against for asking to use their leave. I also spent much of my session working on the budget — as many of my posts below explain!  I am disappointed that my Republican colleagues chose not to vote for a budget that I believe is fiscally prudent and socially responsible, but I am proud of the work we did on making it a budget that we can be proud of.  Not only does it cut the structural deficit by over 70%, it also ensures funding for our essential services – schools, health care, state workers, etc.

I’ve authored my first “End of Session Report” that has more details about everything I have worked on.  You can view the report here.  Thank you for all your support, and please keep in touch!  Email me at brookefordelegate@gmail.com or my office at brooke.lierman@house.state.md.us.  See you soon around Baltimore!

End of Session Report 2015