Gov Hogan: Work with Baltimore to Stop the Violence

Last week alone we lost 5 people to homicides in Baltimore City, including two constituents – Dashon Griffin and Alexander Wroblewski – as well as a police officer, an 18-year veteran of the force dedicated to keeping every neighborhood in Baltimore safe for families and residents. These deaths are tragic and this violence is unacceptable. It has continued for far too long, and we are calling on our state’s executive to take actions to help curb the tide of violence that is engulfing so many neighborhoods around Baltimore. It’s easy to succumb to grief and anger in moments like these, but we refuse. We believe in the innate potential of Baltimore City to be a prosperous, thriving, and equitable society for all its citizens. We also know that there are strategies that have not been employed in Maryland – and some that have but must be multiplied – to help stem this violent tide. We released our initial call for action and our ideas in July with our report, Baltimore PROSPERS. Since then, we have continued working with neighbors, our city council members, state agency directors, and others to understand how we can play a role in helping to prevent future violence.

We believe in the power of these moments to unite a City and state together in the pursuit of collective action: although it should not need to be said, it sometimes feels like it must be – these Baltimoreans are Marylanders. That is why we are urgently calling on Governor Hogan to join the fight in stemming the flow of violence. Attached you will find a letter that we delivered today to the Governor. It lays out multiple immediate steps he can take that represent opportunities for collaboration between our city and state governments. It’s imperative these recommendations be implemented immediately. Too much time has already been wasted and too many lives lost – not one more.

Read the letter to the Governor HERE.

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