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Election Day in Maryland

Tomorrow – Tuesday, June 26 – is Election Day in Maryland! Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. I hope you will take the time to vote (if you haven’t already) and encourage a few friends to vote as well! Find your polling place here.  I hope you will vote for all of Team46 – Senator Bill Ferguson, and Delegates Luke Clippinger, Robbyn Lewis and me, Brooke Lierman.


Ellicott City – How You Can Help

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend.

If you’d like to help our neighbors in Ellicott City who were impacted with this weekend’s severe storms, please consider the following opportunities to help:

• To contribute to rebuilding businesses in Old Ellicott City, check out

• To give to the Howard County Community Relief fund, check out…/05/howard-county-community-relief-fund/

• To volunteer in Howard County as part of their disaster recovery efforts, check out


nking water, flashlights, or a place to stay.

2018 Mail: Progress Report

I ran four years ago because I knew that Baltimore City needed strong champions advocating for our families and communities at the state level. We face huge challenges in Baltimore, but we’ve also made important progress over the past four years. My latest mail piece hits mailboxes this weekend and highlights some of the policies I’ve enacted and championed during my first term.

Check it out here.


Being a Mom & a Delegate

On this cloudy Mother’s Day, I felt fortunate to be able to spend a couple hours doorknocking with my 5-year-old son, Teddy, in our neighborhood. We had fun knocking on doors, talking to our neighbors, and Teddy was a good sport when I showed him how to shake someone’s hand.

I take being a State Delegate very seriously because I see how fast Teddy and his baby sister Eliza are growing up and I know our kids don’t have a minute to spare – every policy I push, every bill I sponsor, every community I work with – it is all to make sure that our kids have the chance to fulfill their potential.


2018 Annapolis Dispatch #5: Moving Bills

Friends & Neighbors:

We are springing forward into the final stretch of session – this comingMonday, March 19, is the “crossover” deadline. Any bill introduced in the House must be passed out of the House by midnight on March 19 to be guaranteed a hearing in the Senate. So this is make-or-break week for many bills!


2018 Annapolis Dispatch 4: Town Hall

Friends & Neighbors:

It was great to see so many people for our 4th Annual Town Hall this past Saturday! If you missed it, check out my Facebook page – we did a live stream of it and you can go back and watch the video anytime: District 46 residents came to learn and ask questions, and I enjoyed meeting some new constituents!


2018 Annapolis Dispatch 2: Budgets & Briefings

Friends & Neighbors:

We are off and away!  Session is already moving at a rapid rate – I had a hard time deciding what to keep in this newsletter without making it too long… hope you enjoy the highlights below! Please remember that I love hearing from you – just email me at or call 410-841-3319.