Whether in Baltimore or Annapolis, every day, Brooke is working hard for her constituents. That’s why Brooke’s work in the community has been recognized by so many neighbors, organizations, and elected officials!



Former Delegate Pete Hammen

Former Delegate Carolyn Krysiak

U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings

U.S. Representative Dutch Ruppersberger

U.S. Representative John Sarbanes


Mary Alexander
McElderry Park

Del. Brooke Lierman earns her stripes everyday she’s in office. Her sleeves stayed “rolled up,” as it was evident when I had exhausted all my options to keep my mom out of a nursing home. Alzheimer’s is a disease that affects not only my mom but many Marylanders. Brooke was a valuable resource at the state level as she cut through all the red tape and directed me to the person in charge of adult medical daycare. My mom was in fact eligible for adult medical daycare, and I was able to  remained full time employed because of Brooke’s efforts. So my mother and I are forever grateful to Brooke and her tireless work.

Erin Karpewicz

Locust Point

Not only is Brooke advocating for the policies and resources I value down in Annapolis-  equitable school funding, good transportation and neighborhood revitalization – but she is helping my neighbors and I get things done right here in our community. Personally, she has been there for me and our local elementary/middle school, helping us make the right connections to solve specific problems and get the resources we need for our students to succeed.  I know through my work with other communities, Brooke’s responsiveness and skill in helping constituents is far reaching! We are lucky to have her in our corner.


Hap & Cheryl Duffey
Locust Point

Without Brooke’s untiring efforts on its behalf, Francis Scott Key School’s new library would never have become a reality in 2017. She worked for two years to help obtain the necessary funding from the State, as well as from the Weinberg Foundation, and our students have benefited greatly as a result. She has always been willing to expend as much effort as necessary in helping the Locust Point neighborhood solve some of our more difficult challenges. She is respectful in her approach, yet persists until an issue is resolved. We would be delighted to have her continue representing us as our State Delegate

James Alston

Delegate Lierman has certainly emerged as a valued leader in the 46th legislative district. Westport Community Economic Development Corporation has had the pleasure of working with her on numerous projects and initiatives that affect the lives of our fellow citizens. She has the ability to move the needle in the right direction. As such, we are hopeful that as we continue to work together and benefit from this dedicated public servant, we  will be able to forge the way to a better and brighter future for the residents of Westport.

Rev. Cleo Walker
Cherry Hill

Often the deeds one does goes untold but I find it more fitting to give Praise when due. I support Delegate Brooke Lierman because she is a tireless fighter in uplifting and supporting Communities and Residents. Brooke attends Cherry Hill Community Meetings, Participates in our Prayer Walks, Safe Street Shooting Responses, Cherry Hill Public Safety Meeting, numerous Cherry Hill Events and Activities that involved youth and adults. Brooke seems to put others before Herself!

Nina Kasniunas
Fells Prospect

Brooke Lierman is one of the hardest working women that I know.  There is not a day that goes by that she is not working on behalf of her community.  She has a strong moral compass which leads her to take on issues that if addressed, will ensure that all of her community is going to succeed.  For example, when she learned that DACA students were unable to afford the tuition at Maryland’s institutions of higher education (even with the passage of the Dream Act in 2012 that grants undocumented students in-state tuition discounts) she took action and introduced legislation that would help lower income DACA students attend college.  At the same time she is working to make child care accessible and affordable for all working families. She also has been a tireless advocate for improving the public transit system in Baltimore. Brooke understands that having access to transportation not only lifts people out of poverty, but it provides an environmentally sound alternative to cars and would reduce the gridlock of traffic on our streets.  Her mantra is: we all do better, when we all do better. Brooke doesn’t just say these words, she acts on them. I am proud to support Brooke Lierman as House Delegate of the 46th district because I know: we all do better when Brooke is on the job.

Cynthia Gross

CARE Neighborhood

I live in an area of the City that was not always considered part of the 46th district.  I appreciate Del. Lierman’s efforts to keep me and neighbors consistently informed and her responsiveness to our concerns.

Claudia Towles
Fell’s Point

Brooke’s capacity to listen, understand a situation and be a solution seeker is why she has garnered my full support. Thanks to Brooke’s tenacity and leadership, many efforts within the business community to bring resources to our neighborhood have found a true champion.

Michael Wright & Seth Barkman
Douglass District

Brooke played a huge role in getting Seth and I engaged in local politics. She inspired us to shift our focus from national politics to what was actually attainable on a local level. I can walk up and down my street and point things that she facilitated to make better. Brooke is what’s working with our state government and she needs to continue that work so our business and neighborhood can continue to thrive.

Norman Eaton

Brooke has always been an advocate for our community and I look forward to her continuance as our Delegate.  Her timely updates and the ability to get things done is phenomenal. She is very community-oriented and is not afraid to fight for what she believes in. She carries a strong voice in the Cherry Hill  and Brooklyn communities.

Dan Tracy & Veronica Cryan

We support Brooke because we appreciate the genuine outrage she feels at the things that are wrong in our community and the tenacity with which she seeks to do something about it.

Mark & Annie McLaughlin
Butchers Hill

We support Brooke because she understands the needs of the community, advocates for them, and connects people to resources. She’s always ready to listen to our thoughts on current needs of our neighborhood and city and follows up with her actions. My three young kids recognize Brooke at local events where she’s happy to talk to them!

Beth Braun
Butchers Hill

I support Brooke because she is a combination of an optimist, looking ahead to the best Baltimore possible, and a pragmatist, understanding what it will realistically take to get there. I know that whenever I reach out to her for help with an issue, be it at the neighborhood, city, or state level, she will offer sound advice and do whatever is in her power to do to help resolve it. I have a profound level of respect for her commitment to civil rights and her legal work to ensure everyone has an opportunity to participate equally in today’s society. I know that she and the other members of Team 46 are working on issues that are critical to me, my family, and my neighbors–education, safety, transportation, and the environment/green spaces. In short, she is the voice I want speaking on my behalf in Annapolis.

Greg Hinchliffe
Butchers Hill

As an environmental voter with a particular interest in transportation options and livable communities, I am delighted with Brooke’s contributions to the House of Delegates. From MTA governance to Complete Streets, she has sponsored legislation that will make Maryland a better place to live.  I am confident that Brooke has my bike-riding, tree-hugging, transit-junkie back.

Arch McKown and Sarah Merritt
Patterson Park

Look at the bills Brooke has sponsored, look at legislation she supports, hear what she says. -What stands out to me is that Brooke takes a holistic approach to helping the citizens of Baltimore. Whether it be issues like gun violence, transportation, environment, child care, justice (to name a few),  Brooke takes a thoughtful approach. She has the ability and empathy to look at complex issues from all sides, distill things down, and then provide meaningful solutions.

Liam Davis

Delegate Lierman understands the importance of improving Baltimore’s transit system. She has a proven track record of advocating for a better MTA over the course of her first term in office.

Carmen Billingsley

Cherry Hill

Brooke of course has my vote. She has helped me with my college education. Her office has given me a scholarship each time I applied it the funding is available. By me being an older black women, she have given me the opportunities that I thought were lost to me at my age. I would like to thank her for being the Delegate that our community needs.


Danielle Sweeney
Founder – Better Bus Baltimore: a Citizens’ Data Collection Project


Brooke is one of only a handful of elected officials who take public transportation in Baltimore City seriously. She sees the impact poor public transportation –the bus in particular–has had on the city and is willing to hold MDOT MTA and its administrators accountable.

Jennifer Driban
Federal Hill

Brooke is dedicated, responsive and fights for the things that affect my family.


Keenan and Sally Dworak-Fisher

We support Brooke for many reasons.   She is a tireless advocate for the residents of District 46 in Annapolis.  She fights for adequate school funding, a clean Chesapeake Bay (and Inner Harbor), efficient transportation systems, and good government. I’ve most appreciated her work to ensure that city public schools are fairly funded so that they can provide a rich education to all students.


Eileen Wold
Locust Point

From the moment I first met Brooke Lierman, several years ago, I knew she was a curious, passionate, and dedicated community member who would listen and care for the citizens of the place she lovingly calls home. She is a fierce advocate for city families, safe schools, public transit and a healthy Baltimore. I have walked alongside her in community safety patrols, sat next to her in the board room, and watched her play with her son in the grass at a public city park. On every level, as a mother, citizen, and leader, she is genuine and compassionate. I support Brooke Lierman with the same enthusiasm that she brings to politics when she represents every member of her district young and old. She deeply cares about the future of Baltimore City and Maryland state and we are lucky to have her on our side.


Ashleigh Gallagher

I feel so lucky to have Delegate Lierman as my representative in the House of Delegates because she is incredibly intelligent and works incredibly hard for her district. I know that she is always fighting for our city and its residents. As a fellow working mom I am always inspired by her energy and drive, and one of my favorite events is her annual Women’s Breakfast.


Emily Picaro

I support Brooke because she is engaged in our community and passionate about making our neighborhood a better place.  I had a very unfortunate event happen directly outside my house this past year and Brooke took the time to reach out to me to check and make sure me and my family were ok within 30 minutes of it happening.  Brooke is caring and compassionate and clear on the issues she would like to change in Baltimore.

Georgia Martin
Federal Hill

Brooke is consistently accessible to her constituents.  Early in her tenure I contacted her to talk about job programs for inner city disadvantaged youth and she invited me to breakfast to learn as much as she could about it.  Since then she’s put me in touch with people she meets along the way interested in the same issues. When our neighborhood association contacts her with problems she responds right away and follows through.  Brooke is warm, engaging, and clearly passionate about making Baltimore a better place for all of us.

Molly Burger
Fells Prospect

I’ve spent a little time volunteering in Brooke’s Annapolis office during this general assembly session and have seen first hand her dedication to improving the quality of life for all district 46 residents. Every day she is busy taking on big issues like preventing violent crime and supporting public education to smaller issues such as finding a new spot for a playground and banning the use of styrofoam in food packaging. She is always ready to meet with constituents and discuss the issues that are important to them. District 46 is lucky to have a representative so committed to improving life in Baltimore City.

Rodette Jones
Curtis Bay

Brooke is a community-driven Delegate. She puts our interests first and works with us when we need her.  I am proud to support her.


Kurt Schiller
Upper Fell’s Point

Brooke has championed for many of the causes or initiative’s that I would like to see in place. I appreciate the work Brooke has done with the Complete Streets bill so pedestrian’s and bicyclist’s safety and needs are incorporated into the traffic design. Brooke has worked to stem pollution on our streets, waterways  and air with the Styrofoam Ban. Brooke is working to make the streets in our state and city safer.


Barbara Moore
Upper Fell’s Point

Brooke was helping our community before she was a delegate. Through the Community Law Center, she was instrumental in getting a very dangerous bar closed down. During her first term in office she helped to get a Midwifery Bill passed, that had stalled for years in the legislature. My current support for Brooke is based on her strong and progressive advocacy for education and transportation needs in Baltimore City.

Smitha Gopal and Andrew Skene
Federal Hill

Brooke in invested in making big changes in Baltimore through her work on issues like education, safety and transportation. As parents, we know these efforts will allow our kids grow up in a better Baltimore. But she also manages to make time for the little things. I once bumped into her near my office, taking a photo of a broken flower pot to request repair through the 311 app. I appreciate that she is so invested in our community, whether she is in session in Annapolis or in the neighborhood.

Sophia Silbergeld
Locust Point

Brooke has a rare combination of energy, intelligence and commitment that makes her who we need representing District 46 in Annapolis, and serving residents in their homes, their neighborhoods, and their communities.


Ellen Krouss
South Baltimore

Brooke is a rarity — someone who has the willingness to always listen and eagerness to tirelessly work to gets things done.  More than anything, Brooke is a natural problem solver. When a resident of Douglass Homes in East Baltimore told Brooke that her kids had no safe space to play, Brooke immediately set about seeing what she could do.  Knowing that I work in playground development, Brooke reached out to me and we are working together to raise funds to build a much needed space for play. Baltimore needs more people like Brooke!

Doug Kaufman
Fells Prospect

Brooke is a tireless advocate who brings insight, intelligence and intensity to her role to represent us in District 46. Her command of the issues is outstanding and she stays laser focused on improving process and impact without letting inertia or negativity derail the process.

Jason and Maria Filippou

Brooke is an incredibly hard working, tough and intelligent public servant. She is very accessible to her constituents throughout the year. We feel Brooke always has our family’s best interest at heart and we are happy to have her represent us in Annapolis.

Shannon Sullivan

She tirelessly fights for issues that impact the communities of 46th and the entire city. Whether it’s education or transportation, Brooke listens to residents and pushes the State to develop smart solutions that benefit Baltimore.

Shareka Weaver
Cherry Hill

I have been a supporter of Brooke’s since meeting her a little over two years ago.  During our initial encounter, she provided me with a wealth of information and resources regarding early childhood education.  Being the mom of a 5 year old, this is something that I am extremely passionate about. Brooke has proven to be not only a woman of her word, but a delegate who is committed to making District 46 its best! She cares deeply about the citizens of Baltimore and I am proud to stand with her.

Talley Kovacs

Brooke’s approach to legislating is what we sorely need right now. She is practical, solutions-oriented, patient, perseverant, and approachable. Even though she is still relatively new to the General Assembly, Brooke’s achievements in transportation and education are truly helping people in her district.


Helene Luce

I’m supporting Brooke because she works as hard as anyone can imagine to serve our district. She doesn’t just listen and nod, she works for the issues that mean a lot to the community, like transportation and the environment. She has helped me work with people to start a new high school in southeast Baltimore.

George Frazier

Douglass Place

I don’t know how she does it, but she does it all:

– craft solution driven bills on criminal justice and transportation aimed at systemic problems
-responds directly to emails regarding community issues
-works smoothly with her other delegates which truly is a team (46).
-proves that a mother can live her dream.

April Barriere


I’m for Brooke because Brooke’s all for us!


To share your endorsement for Brooke, email BLFD2018@gmail.com