Healthy, Thriving Neighborhoods

Baltimore is only as strong as its neighborhoods, and sustaining vibrant neighborhoods is the key to the City’s future – and the State’s.  Fortunately, we have a strong network of community groups in place in many neighborhoods.  These groups provide excellent starting points for strengthening our community. But they cannot regrow neighborhoods on their own – they need and deserve support from government and elected officials.  Brooke believes that our government should always be focused on strengthening our communities.

Brooke has led on bills to support our neighborhoods, like increasing funding for the Baltimore Regional Neighborhood Initiative, an innovative and effective community development program that has allowed the Southeast CDC and the Greater Baybrook Alliance to invest millions of capital dollars from the State into neighborhoods in Southeast Baltimore and in Brooklyn and Curtis Bay.

Brooke has also supported accessible integrated and affordable housing through bills like the HOME Act and through her work on the Joint Committee to End Homelessness.

Finally, Brooke has championed parks and green spaces in Baltimore. She helped pass a once-in-a-generation bill to increase funding for Program Open Space from its previous level of $1.5 m/year for Baltimore to $6 m/year to Baltimore and secured $300,000 in the first year for lighting in Patterson Park. She will continue to work to enact reforms and bills that support our Baltimore communities.