Local Advocacy

Local Advocacy

Brooke isn’t just working in Annapolis for us – she’s also advocating for District 46 constituents in Baltimore as well. Just a few of the projects she has worked on with neighborhoods and school groups over the past few years include:

  • Working with Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School PTO to secure funding for building a new library, negotiating with both Baltimore City Schools and working with the Weinberg Foundation
  • Securing funding for lights at Baybrook Park at their new multi-purpose field
  • Leading and pushing to help establish the Greater Baybrook Alliance, and new CDC in Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Brooklyn Park
  • Working with businesses in Fell’s Point and Councilman Cohen to expand the waterfront business improvement district to include Fell’s Point
  • Leading the Fell’s Point Task Force, a coalition of community association presidents from the greater Fell’s Point area
  • Securing help from the Department of Housing to tear down vacant and dangerous homes in Westport
  • Advocating to retain the Charm City Circulator throughout District 46
  • Working with individual constituents on issues with MVA, Housing, Code Enforcement and others
  • Championing the renovation and rejuvenation of Canton Waterfront Park
  • Initiating an effort to expand playground and green space around Southeast and East Baltimore neighborhoods, in conjunction with the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance, Southeast CDC
  • Working with Latino community leaders and families around the district to ensure they have a voice in government
  • Working with the leaders of the SB6 neighborhoods to help forge a community benefits agreement with Sagamore Development, Inc. in 2016

Capital Projects

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Brooke has been incredibly effective at ensuring that capital money is available for the numerous projects that need it in District 46. Although the Governor has greatly reduced the amount of capital funding available, Brooke has helped ensure that District 46 has received more than almost any other district in the state each year. Some of the money secured in the past three years includes:

Baybrook Park athletic field lighting – $250,000

Rash Field improvements – $1,000,000

Creative Alliance Arts Education Center – Over $350,000

Meals on Wheels kitchen improvements – $125,000

Cross Street Market – $200,000

Ronald McDonald House (soon to be constructed in Jonestown) – $1,000,000

Cherry Hill Head Start

Habitat for Humanity Projects in Brooklyn, Mt. Winans, and Curtis Bay

Funding for Banner Neighborhoods Headquarters

Port Discovery – $500,000

Baltimore Regional Ed & Training Center (CASA & SE CDC collaboration) – $430,000

Leadenhall Community Outreach Center – $500,000

The Baltimore Museum of Industry – $200,000

Peale Museum – $400,000

Healthcare for the Homeless Dental Clinic – $17,500