Small Business & Entrepreneurship

In District 46, our neighborhoods are home to a variety of small businesses – from urban pirate ships to tech companies to medical companies and law firms. Brooke understands that flourishing cities have strong economies; strong economies rely on thriving businesses to create jobs; and thriving businesses are founded and led by ambitious, risk-taking entrepreneurs. Brooke has an extensive record of supporting these entrepreneurs and their small businesses to create an economy that works for us all.


  • Brooke has consistently championed increasing available capital for entrepreneurs, acting as the lead sponsor of the the Angel Investor Tax Credit bill, which would provide a tax credit for qualified investments in startups in Maryland. This bill would promote early capital investment that helps entrepreneurs get their fledgling businesses off the ground. It’s a bet on innovation and economic growth that starts and stays in Maryland.


  • Brooke actively meets with and advocates for individual business owners. She also works closely with Community Development Corporations like the Southeast CDC, the Greater Baybrook Alliance, the Westport CEDC, and various Main Street programs in her district, supporting and advocating for their needs. She worked closely with Fell’s Point Main Street to help champion and expand the water business improvement district so that Fell’s Point is now part of the Waterfront Partnership.
  • Brooke is a champion of women and minority-owned businesses. In 2015 she spearheaded, organized, and sponsored the Baltimore Business Women’s Roundtable, a forum for female business owners to access training, learn from panel discussions, and build meaningful connections. She also practices what she preached: her largest fundraisers have been at women owned businesses like SoBo Cafe and Teavolve!