Public Transit

When a constituent or City leader needs help with MTA, they call Brooke and she helps makes a change. In 2016, Brooke passed the first bill to overhaul the Maryland Transit Administration since its creation (HB 1010 in the 2016 Session). Unfortunately, Gov. Hogan vetoed that bill.

Undeterred, Brooke continued to lead on transit reform and ushered through a bill in 2017 to eliminate the farebox mandate recovery that hampers MTA’s spending priorities. This bill, which has been discussed for over 20 years, will give MTA the ability to use its funds in the most efficient and effective way, to lead to a better user experience.

As a member of the Appropriations Committee, Brooke is also able to shine a light on the relatively scant funding that MTA receives under the Hogan Administration versus what a truly excellent transit system would need to offer a first-class rider experience to others.